About Us

Penny4 is a creative production company in London, specialising in making imaginative films for an internet audience.

Video content engages much more than photos and text. It gets people talking and sharing online. Even in the last five years, the way video is watched has changed dramatically. 75% of all digital video content is watched on phones. That has an impact on best practices for making video content, as we start to see square and vertical films successful on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

We create tailor-made films for internet audiences that are high quality, captivating, shareable, and genuinely original. With years of experience in digital filmmaking working at Google/Youtube, we aren't afraid to be experimental and help you create something new. We work with the top internet creators to make branded content, factual documentaries, narrative fiction traditional stop-motion animation, telling your story in the most inventive way it can be told.

Our films have been recognised with Lovie Awards, Streamy Awards, and have been honoured in the Webby's, and have been seen by millions of viewers across the globe.

Get in touch to discuss your next project, or watch our films here.