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Creative Instagram Stories


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What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are quick, personal, bitesized photos/videos of your day, direct to your audience on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are vital for any business, because they’re one of the most personal ways to speak directly to your audience.

They are also the first form of social media to be overlooked in a company’s video marketing strategy!


Why are Instagram Stories so important for brand strategy?

  • 300 million active Instagram Story users

  • Build brand identity

  • Strengthen engagement

  • Generate hype with behind-the-scenes pics/videos

  • Event coverage for those not in the room!


Penny4 are partnered with Clockwork Social to provide creative Instagram Stories for brands.

We’re not talking fancy boomerangs. We use clever cuts, transitions, viewing habits and storytelling know-how to cover events, press nights, reviews and BTS content whilst genuinely engaging the viewer.

These are Stories that are carefully tailored for each brand's identity that are shot, edited, and uploaded on location, in real time.

Clockwork Social have worked with Instagram accounts on projects like the BAFTAs for @BBCOne, Stand Up To Cancer for @Channel4, the launch of Strictly Come Dancing for @BBCStrictly, @BBC at the Commonwealth Games on the Goldcoast and @BBCRadio1 at their weekend in Ibiza.

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