Green music video honoured at The Webby Awards


Good news - our new stop-motion music video for ‘Green’ - our video has been recognised at the 2019 Webby Awards!

The video for Cavetown’s song was honoured in the ‘Video: Animation’ category at the Webby’s, known by some as “the Oscars for the internet”.

Taken from Cavetown’s EP ‘Lemon Boy’, the animation follows an unbalanced love story between two cute fruits who live in a threatening forest.

The team put together the music video in the autumn of 2018, building all the props and sets in just one week before animation began. The team included director Guy Larsen, co-director Taha Khan, illustrator Maddy Vian as Art Director and Louis Grant leading the large team of artists sculpting, spraying and painting the models and sets.

The sets were all built and animated in Peckham, London. We built the sets so each tree was individually made, giving the impression of lots of sets - when really we only had one animation table. The trees were made of twisted cardboard, layered with a pulp of torn up egg boxes that were left to disintegrate in hot water, then mixed with PVA glue.

The trees, made from egg boxes, which were made from paper, which came from trees.

The trees, made from egg boxes, which were made from paper, which came from trees.

As for the models, they were made from a core of tin foil, layered and sculpted with Fimo clay over the top. They were then baked and painted, with the arms and legs made from wire wrapped in garden twine.

The eyes, mouth and eyebrows were added in after animation in VFX, using these strange tracking markers that kept sliding off when we were working with the models!

If you’d like to read more about the process behind the model making for this music video, we’ll be writing up a blog post soon about how we made everything in more detail.

Meanwhile, check out the Behind-The-Scenes video below to see the entire process from beginning to end!

Guy Larsen